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Why Startup Training? Can't you "JUST DO IT"?!

While many wish they can JUST DO IT and make their ideas happen, only a few actually succeed at doing so. 

In fact, only one out of ten startups launch successfully, and less than one out of ten startups that launch manage to raise enough capital, and even after launching and raising capital very few startups manage to grow and scale!

That's why we only have a handful of massive successful startups like Facebook, Uber and Airbnb.

So what's the big secret?!












Launching a startup is like competing in the Business Olympics, it's the toughest thing you can ever do in business. So just like an Olympic athlete, you can use all the training and support you can get.

It's the only thing that can make the difference between joining the 99% that didn't make it, or become THE ONE that did.

In comes LEAP, short for Lean Entrepreneur Acceleration Program. 

Built to help you navigate the unpredictability of your startup journey, LEAP is the ultimate online startup training program to get you from idea to traction through speed, focus and learning.

The only question is, are you ready to be THE ONE!

How does LEAP work?

  • Start immediately with weekly highly intensive 20 min online video sessions
  • Learn the startup frameworks you need to use and apply with examples and guidelines of how to launch, fund and grow a startup
  • You will be given specific tasks and actions to execute to move your startup forward and accelerate your journey
  • Access over 1000 carefully curated startup resources that include case studies, examples and tools
  • Join hundreds of entrepreneurs on the LEAP slack group where you can connect and support each other 
  • Get invited to monthly mentorship sessions with world-class mentors who will help guide you along the way and keep you moving forward.

How do you know if LEAP is for you?

  • Are you passionate about your idea?
  • Are you ready for taking meaningful action?
  • Are you ready to execute, do the work and Get Shit Done!
  • Are you ready to get real results and move your startup forward?

If you answered yes to every single question then regardless of your background or level of knowledge LEAP is perfectly designed and made for you.

Hussein Hallak

Serial entrepreneur, speaker, startup advisor and investor. Hussein lives to inspire entrepreneurship and unleash breakthrough growth.

Built 20+ startups. Mentored and trained 1000+ entrepreneurs. Featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, DailyHive, Business In Vancouver, Roundhouse Radio and Notable.

25+ years of business experience. Extensive knowledge of startups, innovation, strategy, growth, marketing, and social media. 

Passionate about entrepreneurship, education, tech, and on a mission to change the world through connection, communication and community.

General Manager & Head Mentor, Launch Academy

Serial Entrepreneur | Startup Advisor 

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Weekly highly intensive 20 min online video sessions

1000+ curated startup resources, case studies, examples and tools

Access to LEAP Slack Group

Launch Academy Lean Entrepreneur Certificate.

All benefits of LEAP Plus

Full access to Traction University Online Program

Individual monthly mentorship sessions 

(60 min)

Launch Academy Lean Entrepreneur Certificate






All benefits of LEAP Basic

Full access to the Launch Academy's Content Collection

Monthly group startup mentorship sessions 

Launch Academy Lean Entrepreneur Certificate.


What will you get done with LEAP?

  • Create Your Startup Strategic Action Plan Using The Lean Canvas
  • Know Who's Your Target Customer
  • Discover The Key Problems Your Target Customer Want Solved
  • Create, Communicate, and Test Your Value Proposition
  • Measure Your Progress and Track Your Metrics
  • Design and Build Your MVP - Minimal Viable Product
  • Hack Your Growth and Gain Traction
  • Perfect Your Pitch and Present With Confidence
  • Find Investors and Raise Capital

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