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Key Program Features

group startup mentorship sessions*

Perfectly designed for entrepreneurs by other serial entrepreneurs, startup advisors, and angel investors


access to free LeanStack accounts & investor networks*

online video sessions with actionable examples and guidelines

startup resources that include case studies, examples and tools



key focus areas that startup entrepreneurs must master to succeed



* Only available for Plus and/or Elite participants

Build Your MVP

Create your startup strategic action plan using the lean canvas

Pitch Investors

Build Your Strategy


Gain Traction



Discover the key problems your target customer want solved

Raise Capital

Solve Big Problems



Create, communicate, and test your value proposition

Know Your Customers

Know and understand your target customers

Hack your growth and gain traction



Design and build your MVP - minimal viable product

Measure your progress and track 

your metrics

Find investors and raise capital

Measure Metrics



Perfect your pitch and present with confidence

Craft Your UVP

Learn how to

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Save Time (& Money!)

Focus your limited spare time on building your startup versus learning about entrepreneurship

Find Focus

Bypass the 9 riskiest elements of launching, funding and growing a startup

Follow a clear roadmap and stop drowning in a sea of conflicting advice

Your Main Takeaways

  • Startup emails





  • Startup emails
  • 12 video lessons
  • 1k+ startup resources
  • Access to LeanStack Bootstrap account*


  • Everything in Plus
  • Access to LeanStack Business account*
  • Access to Launch Academy membership perks*
  • Access to our investor network**


Join 1000+ entrepreneurs who started 500+ startups and raised $150+ Million


For: early /idea stage entrepreneurs

Powered by LeanStack.

LEAP Plus and Elite get access to LeanStack Bootstrap and Business accounts.


For: New entrepreneurs learning about startups

For: Experienced entrepreneurs wanting extra guidance

*requires an active subscription

**requires an active subscription, you’ve completed the program, and have a powerful pitch

  • Everything in Basic
  • Monthly group mentorship sessions*
  • Access to Slack group*
  • Access to LeanStack Business account*

For: Entrepreneurs focused on market validation




Founder, Lipsi 

Anonymous Messaging App

LEAP Alumni

featured in

"Our app is now the most trending app in the US among teens. We surpassed Tinder yesterday morning. We are growing by roughly 30k users per day organically. 

Thank you for the guidance throughout the program. Learned tons"

Matthew Segal

A serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, and investor making the decentralized world of tomorrow a reality today @NextDecentrum, a corporate blockchain transformation platform.

He's the creator of the Intro to Blockchain Course and the Intro to Startups Course @Launch_Academy, Western Canada’s leading tech startup incubator, with over 500 startups incubated and $150+ Million raised.

Hussein is passionate about tech and impact startups, decentralized innovation, blockchain education and content. 

He has over 25 years of extensive business experience, built 20+ startups, mentored and trained over 1000+ entrepreneurs. 

Strategic Advisor @Fintrux | Global P2P Lending Ecosystem Powered By Ethereum

Program & Content Advisor @NCFACanada | 2018 Fintech and Funding Conference #FFCON18

Advisor @PeaceGeeks | Promoting Peaceful Narratives In Online Spaces

Hussein lives to inspire entrepreneurship and unleash breakthrough growth through connection, collaboration, and community.

CEO @NextDecentrum | GM @Launch_Academy | Advisor @Fintrux | Advisor @PeaceGeeks | Creator of Intro to Blockchain

Program Instructor - Hussein Hallak

LEAP Alumni

featured in

In partnership with LeanStack's Ash Maurya, bestselling author of Running Lean, and creator of the Lean Canvas

This partnership aims to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into scalable business models, through accessing comprehensive training programs, in addition to providing insight on product roadmaps and workshops.

featured in

Traction Health

Co-Founder Traction Health

LEAP is directly responsible for our first round of funding

Traction Health develops foot based sensor technology and insoles to improve health and wellness for all ages.

Anthony King

LEAP Alumni

A serial entrepreneur, engineer, startup mentor, instructor and community organizer.

Co-Founded 5 startups. Mentored and trained 100+ young entrepreneurs. Worked with Fortune 500 companies and World's Top 100 Brands.

20+ years of comprehensive large-scale project, business and engineering experience. Extensive knowledge of startups, management, events, hackathons, software engineering and team management. 

Specialized in the delivery of complex projects, events management, team leadership, relationship management, and customer success.

Thrive in demanding, dynamic and energetic environments, and love leading teams with an unstoppable drive to achieve breakthrough results.

Founder @Vancouver Founders | Lead Organizer @Blockchain Regtech Hackathon | Lead Organizer @Startup Weekend Vancouver

Program Mentor - Rama Ibrahim

featured in

"A budding entrepreneur takes off around the world to discover the best healing practices, on a quest to create wellness environments that blend ancient and modern methodologies."

LEAP Alumni

Senior Manager at BasicGov, and previously played an instrumental role in the success of Vancouver's tech mainstays such as Elastic Path, Appnovation and Traction of Demand, Ryan now sits at the BasicGov table. 

With fever for agile project management and a gift for authentic relationship building, Ryan focuses on how to drive sales, build efficiencies and create organized chaos. And he’s no slouch on the climbing wall.

Sr Manager, Partner Operations & Projects, BasicGov Systems

Program Mentor - Ryan Supeene

“the world needs you to do it”

Dustin Moskovitz

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