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As one of Canada's leading tech incubators, we have helped over 400 early-stage companies since 2012. After mentoring 1000 entrepreneurs, we realized that most entrepreneurs make the same expensive mistakes. And what we've discovered was a lot of these common mistakes can be easily prevented if you know how to design and conduct startup experiments. To that end, we have condensed everything we know about building a startup into a 9-chapter online course.

We will take you from idea to first sale in 5 weeks

Ch.1 Introduction to Startups

Ch.2 The Fundamentals of Lean Methodology

Ch.3 Introduction to Lean Canvas

Ch.4 How to conduct a problem research

Ch.5 How to construct a predictive persona

Ch.6 How to design a startup experiment

Ch.7 How to conduct a startup experiment

Ch.8 How to launch your startup with limited resources

Ch.9 How to measure the right key metrics

Ch.10 Closing remarks & next steps

**Bonus: Join a global community of entrepreneurs, peers and industry professionals for ongoing support and mentorship.

The Lean Entrepreneur Acceleration Program (LEAP Online) Syllabus

Ben Yoskovitz

Eric Ries

Founder of 500 Startups

Creator of the Pirate Metrics AARRR

Dave McClure

Author of "The Lean Analytics"

Creator of the One Metric That Matters (OMTM)

Alistair Croll

Who You Will Be Learning From

Ash Maurya

LEAP Online curates the best content from world-class startup experts. The course is the result of some of the best thinking and concepts that the world has seen in addition to our own experiences in mentoring 1000+ entrepreneurs. Decades worth of research is condensed into this course and we can't think of a better way for you to earn your certificate in entrepreneurship!

Author of "The Lean Startup"

Creator of the Lean Startup Movement

"Godfather" of Silicon Valley

Creator of the Customer Development methodology

Author of "The Lean Analytics"

Creator of the One Metric That Matters (OMTM)

Steve Blank

Author of "Running Lean"

Creator of the Lean Canvas

Why You Should Join This Program

You will receive:

  • A digital certificate that qualifies you as an entrepreneur trained by Launch Academy
  • 10 online lessons on important idea validation and customer discovery information
  • 1 ultimate framework that will take you from identifying the problem to solving it
  • 500+ original slides of curated content on how to build your startup step-by-step with case studies, examples, methodologies, frameworks, and actionable takeaways
  • 225 minutes of instruction from our General Manager, Hussein Hallak
  • Additional resources and reading to help you learn the startup framework
  • Access to a global community of entrepreneurs, mentors and network
  • Online discussion support from a community of mentors and alumni (Advanced students only)
  • Live group mentor sessions to answer any questions you may have (Advanced students only)
  • A detailed review of your Lean Canvas (Advanced students only)
  • Lifetime access to the course as we add more modules in the future (Advanced students only)

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"The best investment I have ever made in my entrepreneurial career!" - Lucy Chung

"This course jolted awake the entrepreneur in me." - Ricardo Torres

"LEAP absolutely changed the way I look at building my business." - Chris Mills

"This course has helped me advance my startup idea and set me up for success." - Jorge Hinojosa

"I've built over 10 companies and I wish I took this course before doing so because I would have saved so much time and money."- Theo Kefalas

"Prepare to find out you know less than you think." - Elisha La

Consistently Rated 4.9 Stars Out Of 5

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